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Round 3 Game 2
frontThe results of the four matches were decided today. Thus, Humpy Koneru, Katerina Lahno, Ju Wenjun and Zhao Hue were promoted to the next stage. The fate of the other four matches Cmilyte - Skripchenko, Muzychuk M. - Harika, Kosteniuk - Ruan Lufei and Zhu Chen - Hou Yifan will be determined in the tie-breaks tomorrow. Playing with white pieces Zhu Chen equalized the match score after her loss in the previous game.  The game Koneru – Zatonskih lasted  only 14 moves. In the final position Indian player could win a pawn and fight for a win in the game but preferred to fix her victory in the match and accepted a draw.
One of the most exiting games of today was Cmilyte - Skripchenko. Playing white, Lithuanian player sacrificed a piece for an attack.  Almira Skripchenko could take this knight with a pawn and force her opponent to give a perpetual check but decided to test her fortune.

The position on the diagram happened twice during the game. After white’s move Qa3 Black has to resign soon. Instead White chose Qh7 and had to agree for a draw after several moves.

                                  Viktorija Cmilyte and her second and friend Peter-Heine Nielsen on the way to the game.

              Hou Yifan could not hold the advantage in the match today and will play in tie-breaks against Zhu Chen tomorrow.

Yelena Dembo was eliminated from the event after she drew the second game.Chinese Zhao Hue who has already won her matches against Martha Fierro and Maia Chiburdanize will play in 1/4.

                       Aleksandra Kosteniuk will play her third tie-break after two draws in the match against Ruan Lufei.

Anna Muzychuk could not equalise the score in the match against Ju Wenjun and has to leave the event while her younger sister Maria Muzichyk continues to play in tie-break tomorrow.

         Ukrainian Katerina Lahno managed to make a draw in a dubious position against Huang Qian and won her match.

                                                           Humpy Koneru confidently won all three matches.
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