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The Closing Ceremony Of The Championship
frontThe awarding ceremony of the World Championship took place in Anemon Hotel in Antakya on 24th of December. The same day the new world Champion was determined on the tie-break match between two Chinese players Hou Yifan and Ruan Lufei. Being 16, Chinese prodigy became the youngest World Champion after Maya Chiburdanidze who won her title at the age of seventeen. The achievement of Georgian legend stayed for 32 years until today. Many principals and guests came to the closing ceremony to praise the new Queen of the Chess World.   Among the visitors were FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, President of TCF Ali Nihat Yazici, the governor of Hatay M.Celalettin Lekesiz, the mayor of Antakya Lutfu Savas and other officials. As at the opening ceremony the organisers provided the audience with an original music show. The winners were awarded with the cups, medals, flowers and prize-money.

Hou Yifan is the World Champion!!!
housmilingHou Yifan is a new World Champion! 16-year old Chinese prodigy became the youngest World Champion among Women in the history. She succeeded to defeat her compatriot Ruan Lufei in tie-breaks with 3:1 score. Hou Yifan won the second and the fourth rapid games, the first and third games were drawn. The awarding ceremony will take place in Anemon Hotel at 7:30 p.m.
Short interview with Ruan Lufei after the game
IMG_7341“I have an opportunity which I got for free”

Anastasia Karlovich- Congratulations with your victory today. Please tell how did you manage to win? Did you feel any pressure during the game?
Lufei Ruan- Before the last game I thought I don’t have much chance and I thought she would win or maybe it would be a draw. I thought I only need to play, just to play it. If I have chance I’ll take it if I don’t have chance than just a joy of the game is ok. Anyway I’m satisfied with my result here now…  I’m satisfied even if I’m on the second place.

A.K- What about tomorrow tie-breaks. You won all previous matches in tie-breaks, so what is your feeling before the last one?
L.R- Hou Yifan is a very good rapid player, so she has good chances. I think she should have won the match today, so I still have options tomorrow. I have an opportunity which I get for free and I just want to play.
Fourth Game Of The Final Round
frontRuan Lufei won the fourth game of the final match and used her last chance to equalize the score! Playing with white pieces she chose an active continuation called Keres attack in Sicilian defense.

Tomorrow the last tie-break will be played at 12 a.m. It will consist of the 4 rapid games. 2 blitz games will follow if the score will be still equal. If it’s not enough to determine a World Champion the match will be decided in Armageddon. During the World Championship Ruan Lufei had already played in five tie-breaks while Hou Yifan had participated in only one (in the match with Zhu Chen).

Third Game Of The Final Round
frontThe third game of the match was drawn, therefore Hou Yifan lost her chance to finish the match today. For the second time in the match Ruan Lufei, playing Black, chose Caro-Kann. She managed to win a pawn but could not implement it into more in the ending with the opposite color bishops and rooks. Then Black decided to transform the position into the ending with 3 pawns and a bishop against a pawn and a rook of White. Despite an advantage she didn`t succeed to win those ending and could not equalize the score in the match.
Tomorrow Ruan Lufei plays with white pieces. She needs to gain a full point in order to balance a score and let the match to be decided in tie-breaks.

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