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Tie-Breaks 3
IMG_5813Four matches were decided on tie-breaks today. Hou Yifan, Almira Skripchenko, Harika Dronavalli and Ruan Lufei have qualified. The last Russian player Aleksandra Kosteniuk lost the match to Chinese player Ruan Lufei after 2 rapid games. The match ended with 1,5:0.5 score. The encounter between Hou Yifan and Zhu Chen was the second one which was determined after the rapid games. The first one was drawn but the second one finished on a favor of Chinese prodigy. After two draws in rapid games, Almira Skripchenko won both blitz games against Viktorija Cmilyte and promoted to the 4th round.
The first Armageddon game at the championship happened in the match between Maria Muzychuk and Harika Dronavalli. Ukrainian player won the first blitz game with black but her opponent succeeded to take revenge. After drawing of lots Harika Dronavalli got the right to choose the color of her pieces. She preferred to play with black. Therefore Maria Muzychuk, playing white, had to make a full point in order to win the match. According to the rules of Sudden Death game in case of a draw Black promotes to the next stage of the event. After the tense struggle Harika won by time.

                                                                       Drawing of lots before Armageddon.

                    The final position on the board after the game Maria Muzychuk – Harika Dronavalli. White lost by time.


                                              Indian player Harika Dronavalli showed steel nerves on the tie-break.


                                                  Anna Muzychuk came to support her sister Maria but it didn`t help.

                                                                     The match between Skripchenko and Cmilyte.


                                                     French player Almira Skripchenko can be proud of herself.


                  Aleksandra Kosteniuk had chances to win in rapid games but her opponent Ruan Lufei had more luck today

                                               Hou Yifan is in a good mood before the game and with a good result after.
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