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The Second Finalist is Ruan Lufei

The second semi-final match was decided on tie-break today. Ruan Lufei joined Hou Yifan, who has promoted from the classical games, in the final. The first rapid game was drawn again but in the second one Ruan Lufei, playing with black pieces, defeated her compatriot Zhao Xue. "The result that I have now is just unbelievable! I had a back ticket on December, 13 because I thought I would be eliminated by Kosteniuk and go home”, said the second winner of the semi-final match. She also explained that she was not afraid to play tie-breaks, but it was not a strategy or intention to make draws in the main games on purpose.


After the rest day on 19 th of December the finalists Hou Yifan and Ruan Lufei will play four classical games from 20th till 23rd of December.  

Analysis of Ruan-Zhao tiebreak by GM Adrian Mihalcisin

                                    A handshake between Zhao Xue and Ruan Lufei before the start of the tie-break.

                                                     Chinese player Zhao Xue is eliminated after the tie-break.
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