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Fourth Game Of The Final Round
frontRuan Lufei won the fourth game of the final match and used her last chance to equalize the score! Playing with white pieces she chose an active continuation called Keres attack in Sicilian defense.

Tomorrow the last tie-break will be played at 12 a.m. It will consist of the 4 rapid games. 2 blitz games will follow if the score will be still equal. If it’s not enough to determine a World Champion the match will be decided in Armageddon. During the World Championship Ruan Lufei had already played in five tie-breaks while Hou Yifan had participated in only one (in the match with Zhu Chen).

The last move of Black was 12…Qh2 which seemed to be the beginning of her problems. Black could choose quiet 12…Bd7 instead. Later on White was trying to use Queen`s isolation.

In a position on a diagram Black played fatal 31…f6 and created a weakness e6 on the king’s side. It became difficult for Hou Yifan to defend both the weak king and the pawn. Her opponent Ruan Lufei accurately used that mistake and after 15 moves Black’s position collapsed.

                                 A handshake between Hou Yifan and Ruan Lufei before the last game of the final.

                                 The beginning of the game between two compatriots Hou Yifan and Ruan Lufei.

                                                  Hou Yifan looks at the eighth move of her opponent Rg1.
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