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Tie-breaks 1
frontThe first round finished with tie-breaks. Zhang Xiaowen,  Ruan Lufei, Paehtz Elisabeth, Hoang Thanh Trang, Huang Qian, Skripchenko Almira and Dembo Yelena joined the participants who had already promoted. Elisabeth Paehtz confidently won her match against Iolanta Zawadzka 2:0. Chinese Zhang Xiaowen won against Lilit Mkrtchian. In the first game the Armenian player was white. Playing on the last seconds in the endgame she blundered a bishop thinking she was mating, and lost.

In the second game with black Mkrtchian sacrificed a piece and developed dangerous attack on her opponent’s king. In one moment she could give a mate in 3 moves! Instead Armenian player lost control over the position and was defeated. The only match that reached blitz was between Cristina-Adela Foisor and Almira Skripchenko and finished in the favour of French player.

Anna  Ushenina from Ukraine lost in the better ending in the first game against Huang Qian. The second game lasted for 121 moves – Ukrainian player who had to win was looking for the chances in the endgame but didn`t succeed.

                                                                              Lilit Mkrtchian is eliminated

                                                      Elisabeth Paehtz from Germany was stronger than Iolanta Zawadska.


                    Yelena Dembo made a draw in the first game and won the second one against Munguntuul Batkhuyag.


                                                       Camilla Baginskaite from the USA lost to Chinese player Ruan Lufei.

                                                 Foisor Cristina-Adela could not hold the ending in the second game.

                                                  Kateryna Lahno hiding among the security in the playing hall.


           Antoanetta Stefanova and her second Ivan Cheparinov follow tie-breaks from the computer of Robert Fontaine
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