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Round 2 Game 1
frontThe tournament lost half of the participants. The elo difference between the opponents decreased. Aleksandra Kosteniuk made a quick draw with Georgian player Sopiko Khukhashvili with black preferring to seek chance in the second game with white. Four more games were drawn between Skripchenko - Dzagnidze, Ju Wenjun – Kovanova, Hoang Thanh Trang – Lahno, Sochko – Zhu Chen. Among winners are Humpy Koneru, Hou Yifan, Yelena Dembo, Antoanetta Stefanova, Anna and Maria Muzychuk, Harika Dronavalli, Elisabeth Paehtz, Zhao Xue, Zatonskih Anna, Ruan Lufei. Playing with black pieces Elisabeth Paehtz won against Cmilyte Viktorija.

Lithuanian player got a comfortable position from the opening but closer to the time trouble went for complications where Elizabeth Paehtz was stronger. Yelena Dembo could not feel good about her position until the moment when her opponent Tatiana Kosintseva made a crucial mistake which changed the result of the game.

                  World Champion Aleksandra Kosteniuk made a draw and will continue to play with white pieces tomorrow.

                                                                         Maria Sebag napping before the game.

French chess player Maria Sebag gave a piece for 2 pawns in the opening but the attack didn`t work out and Anna Zatonskih succeed to win the game.

                                                     Playing white Humpy Koneru won against Jovanka Houska
Evgeniya Ovod was defeated by Anna Muzychuk. In the worse ending Russian player blundered a piece and resigned immediately.


Kovano Baira who had black pieces in the game Ju Wenjun - Kovanova courageously defended worse rook ending and succeed to make a draw.


Indian player Harika Dronvalli chose Yanish Gambit in the opening playing against Tatiana Shadrina from Russia. Her decision to fight for initiative from the beginning turned into a point.


                                                Tatyana Kosintseva and Yelena Dembo before the start of the game.


                                             German player Elisabeth Paehtz was stronger  in complications today.


                                                        Hou Yifan was looking for a help from above and got it!
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